Honoring the 2004-05 Seniors
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Danielle Everett - #52

Meghan Flaherty - #14

Arielle Watts - #35

Kathleen Hoffman - #10

Danielle Everett relaxes during a free throw

Senior Arielle Watts gets the start against Roosevelt

Danielle Everett denies passing lane against Ballard

Senior Kathleen Hoffman supporting the team through injury

Senior Meghan Flaherty explodes to the hoop.

Meghan Flaherty with some on ball pressure against Juanita

Senior Arielle Watts gets the nod against Juanita

Arielle Watts getting some one on one instruction from Coach Segadelli

Meghan Flaherty and the Lady Falcons during warmups

Senior Kathleet Hoffman helps with water during a time out

Falcon timeout against Bothell

Danielle Everett with her parents

Meghan Flaherty with her parents

Kathleen Hoffman with her parents

Arielle Watts with her parents

The seniors with the coaching staff

The four seniors just before warmups.