Eisenhower Cadets (L 57-62) @ Tacoma Dome

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Senior LeeAnn Palo

Amanda off to the races

Annie Dixon pregame

Megs Arms

Tui turns the corner

Ashley pushing the ball

Best pulls up on the baseline

LeeAnn at the point

Ashley roars at the opponent

Tui elevates off the break

Falcon band

One last bench picture

Amanda Best

Amanda at free throw line

Amanda Best follow through


Coaches pregame

Karen Towslee

Seg with pregame advice

Falcon fan section

Amanda goes to her left

Sophomore Alex Lowell

Fleischman waves to crowd

Fleischman gets things moving

Liz & Amanda defend

Lombard at the line

Half time huddle

LeeAnn at the line

Jamie and Molly pregame

Jamie Stivala

Center jump

Tui at the stripe

Fleischman with a jumper

Fleischman goes up strong

Kirsten Phillips

Post game gathering

Lee with a friendly push

Molly Soliday

LeeAnn out in front

The Fleischmans

Players post game

Alex Lowell in warmups

Senior LeeAnn Palo

Our host family

Lee looks to go up with left

Lee gets in the paint

Lee attracts defenders

LeeAnn Palo

Liz with the dribble

LeeAnn goes to her right

Liz defends the post

Liz signals

Lee & Liz pregame

Liz ready to board

Dave Lombard with coaching advice

Meg automatic at the line

Pregame huddle

Liz and Seg postgame

Lombard battles down low

Senior Meg Lombard

Meg Lombard

sophomore Molly Soliday

Fleischman leaves defenders down

Brenda Palo

Loose ball scramble

Team Huddle

Last pregame huddle

Vicki Puckett

Telly Savales

Starter Ashley Tuiasosopo

Starter Amanda Best

Senior starters

Starter LeeAnn Palo

Senior Liz Horiatis

Liz Horiatis

Lady Falcon huddle

Team w/ 7th place trophy