KINGCO Championship vs Garfield (W 61-49)

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Fleischman battles with Freisen for the tip

Amanda Fleischman at the free throw line

Ashley T. with a picture perfect jumper

Falcon band keeps the gym hopping

Amanda Best knocks down big free throws

Palo finishes with her left

Falcon starters ready to go

Falcon cheerleaders

Best battles with Freisen for the basketball

Fleischman breaks away after a steal

Championship crowd

Liz and Ashley defend

Falcon student section

Horiatis and Best battle on boards

Fleischman and Pringle battle for the ball

Liz finishes a three point play

Fleischman pump fakes and scores

Palo knocks one down from perimeter

Senior LeeAnn Palo directs the show

Seg instructs during a time out

Palo with a jumper over Brooks

Palo goes over Lewis for two

Team trophy shot

Liz Horiatis boxes out

Tui gets a good look at a three ball

Horiatis at scorers table

Liz defending Kendricks

Liz knocks down a free throw

Lombard gets a good look at a three

Liz Horiatis starting at center

Woodinville Falcons

Liz lets out her victory yelp

Seniors w/ Coach Tom Norton

Fleischman gets under Friesen for two

Lombard looks to board

LeeAnn Palo ready to go

Fleischman gets by Kendricks

Meg Lombard at the free throw line

Palo and Lombard battle down low

Palo goes strong to the basket

Tui and Liz defend a lob to the post

LeeAnn Palo pushes the basketball

Lombard finishes a free throw

Liz gets basket and a foul

Tui knocks down a big shot

Lombard with another three ball attempt

Team defense

Fleischman and Liz say no thank you

Annie Dixon blocks out Brooks

Liz texting the good news

Tui shoots over Freisen

Post game handshakes

Fleischman gets to the hoop once again

Falcons are all smiles

Final score 61-49

Kingco Trophy is ours

Final seconds tick away

Post game celebration

More post game celebrating

Lady Falcons with trophy

Liz, LeeAnn, and Amanda with trophy

Another team trophy shot

Another team trophy shot

Another team trophy shot

Seg is all smiles

Seg enjoying the celebration

Fleischman shows some emotion

Kristin Frost in warmups

Liz, Best, and Tui in warmups

Liz keeps Kendricks off the boards

Tui and Fleischman enjoying friday night

Lady Falcons tasting victory

Falcons start the celebration

Lombard catches a jumping Palo

Team victory hug

Victory Huddle

Victory huddle

Fleischman talks with a reporter

LeeAnn Palo with reporter

Seniors w/ Coach Tom Norton