Kentwood Conquerors (W 67-58) @ Tacoma Dome

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Liz and Amanda

Amanda Fleischman

Tui brings it up floor

Amanda passing in transition

Fleischmans favorite face

Tui up the sideline

Best brings it

Fleischman ready to board

Fleischman shoots in the lane

Meg gets a good perimeter look

Fleischman free throw

Tui pushes the basketball

Annie Dixon

Dixon and Phillps

Ashley Tuisasosopo

Another Tui expression

Liz looks to board

Tui takes control

Senior Annie Dixon

Meg Lombard

Ashley T. directs the break

Liz with short jumper

Tui follow through

Tui chins the ball

Falcon bench all smiles

Lee on the floor again

More Falcon bench

Liz free throw

Amanda Best surveys floor

Alex, Jamie, & Molly

Lee working hard

Annie Dixon with help defense

Amanda Best

KP & Devan compare tans

Lombard defends

Lee needs help off floor

Best hesitates with dribble

LeeAnn shots from outside

Dixon, Lombard, Wyatt

Liz on sideline

Meg looks to hoop

Meg knocks down another three

Best at the line

Annie Dixon defends

Liz studies the hoop

Amanda Best goes left

Liz wont be denied

Falcon cheerleaders

Coaches at half

Defensive signal

Lee gets in the lane

LeeAnn in lights

Lombard gets after it

Liz at the line

Jamie & Devan stretching

Fleischman gets up

Meg shows Liz

LeeAnn Palo

Lee gets agressive

Lee looks for help

Falcon coaches

KP directs things

Pregame high fives

Molly shouts encouragment

LeeAnn warms up

Liz in the post

Annie greets Meg

Liz gets break started

Liz rebounds

Liz smiles at camera

Meg with outlet pass

Halftime break

To locker room

Meg gives thumbs up

Fleischman starts

Starter Liz Horiatis

Team Defense

Falcon Hosts

Seniors enjoy win

Another Tui face

Victory huddle