Lake Washington Kangaroos (W 50-29)

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Starters are ready to play

Amanda Fleischman doing pregame stretches

LeeAnn Palo gets in the lane for 2 of her game high 21 points.

Three year starter LeeAnn Palo

Ashely Tuiasosopo establishes post position

Captains LeeAnn Palo and Liz Horiatis

Pregame Huddle

Select Lady Falcons during pledge of allegiance

Sophomore Devan McComb fights through a screen.

Amanda Fleischman dribbles out of the backcourt.

Amanda Fleischman follows a Tuiasosopo layin

LeeAnn Palo battles down low for 2 points.

Senior Kirsten Phillips in the low block.

Maia Lavarias defends the paint.

LeeAnn Palo in her defensive stance.

Coach Segadelli visits with LW coach before the game

Kim Frost at home with the microphone.

Liz Horiatis battles for a loose ball.

6th graders Katie Sexton, Madison Jones, & Alyssa Boyce

Liz Horiatis greeted by fellow senior Meg Lombard.

Alumni Marques Tuiasosopo back home to watch Ashley.

Meg Lombard and Amanda Best

Meg Lombard knocks down a free throw

5th graders Mallory Curtis and friend.

Meg Lombard takes this steal the distance.

Lombard provides energy to the pregame huddle

Meg Lombard establishes position in the paint

5th graders Haley Conklin, Seattle Farner, & Meg Chapman

LeeAnn Palo and Amanda Best leaving the court.

Devan McComb puts some pressure on the ball.

Jamie Stivala intiates the offense

Pledge of Allegiance

Pregame preparations

Senior Annie Dixon on the wing

Coaches Segadelli and Bullock watch from the bench.

Pregame stretching

Ashley Tuiasosopo with a game time smile

Captains Horiatis and Palo meet with officials

Falcon band making some noise

Senior Captain Liz Horiatis

Liz Horiatis doing pregame stretching

Coach Segadelli gives some quick 2nd half advice

Woodinville cheerleaders

Falcon jerseys

2005-06 Basketball rosters