Eastlake Wolves (W 61-54)

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Tui, Best, Devan

2006 Alumni

Center jump

Campbell elevates on baseline

Best off double screen

Ashley elevates in the lane

Molly in transition

Betsy Devich hits big free throws

Betsy Devich

Bree defends post

Best, Devan, and Betsy

Amanda giving directions

Falcons celebrate Amanda's buzzer beater

Devich on FT lane

Ashley directs inbounds

Amanda dribble penetrates

Ashley pushes basketball

Pregame huddle

5th graders Mallory & Hannah

Amanda Best

Amanda & Kirsten on FT lane

Amanda Best

Tui chats with referee

Soliday on the wing

Seg & Sar pregame

Betsy Devich

Bree attracks defense

Regan McComb

Kirsten defends

Coach Segadelli

Alumni Annie Dixon

Bree Porter goes up strong

Falcon Band

Tui gets in the paint

Devan McComb

Porter & Soliday on D

Bree gets two more

Kayla Shrout

Segadelli women

McComb looks inside

Falcon cheerleaders

Best from perimeter

Bree dives for loose ball

Devan boxes out

Stivala looks to dish

Amanda Fleischman

Amanda guzzles water

Jamie Stivala

Kayla, Betsy, & Devan

Kirsten Campbell

Kristin, Regan, & Jamie

Amanda & Bree defending

Molly Soliday

Soliday in backcourt

Stivala defends

Pregame Falcons

Falcon Timeout

R. McComb & J. Stivala

Seg to Best & Tui

Meg Wyatt

Seg to Devan & Bree

Seg & Sar postgame

Seg to Tui & Best

Side inbounds

Who wants it

Falcon Timeout

Falcon Timeout

5th grade fans

Band Members

Tui defends

Tui and Devan

Ashley posts up