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Melissa Gilkey

Melissa Gilkey 
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#21 Melissa Gilkey

  Height: 6'1 Weight:  Class: 2011 Birthdate: 11/19/1992  

Season Outlook
Melissa is a three year starter and two time captain. She is one of the most competitive girls to ever wear a Lady Falcon uniform. She loves this game immensely. She has been honored as 2nd team All KingCo the past two years. Her ultimate goal though is for this year's team to get to state. Melissa's skills and leadership will be huge factors in the success of the Lady Falcons.
Career Statistics
Melissa's family includes her lovely parents Kathleen and Mike, and her three brothers Craig, Ryan, and goofy Brett. Some of the most influential people Melissa has met on her journey she calls life are her best friend Kelsey, her basketball coach Kevin, and Will Ferrell from the movie Elf. Melissa's favorite candy is butterfingers and watermelon sour patches. Anyone would be able to cook Melissa her favorite meal because it is simply just cereal and milk! The hilarious Office is definitely her favorite TV show. Melissa has had the opportunity to travel to beautiful places, but her favorite one is Sarah Hale's pantry because there is a surplus of great cereal. Don't get tangled up with Melissa in a dark alley because she is a second degree black belt and will be sure to kick your butt. Melissa's favorite childhood memoryis when Carmen Vasilatos made her believe they were twins.
Melissa could talk for hours about why she plays basketball! She loves the challenge, the competition, and the sound of a perfect swish. She also loves he adrenaline rush she gets after making a huge rejection on a shot. Watch Melissa before a game for her unique pregame ritual of tying her shoes. Her favorite basketball memory is from last Christmas when she stuffed her 6'8" brother Ryan.