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Ali Forde

Ali Forde 
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#13 Ali Forde

  Height: 6'1 Weight:  Class: 2012 Birthdate: 5/19/1994  

Season Outlook
Ali is a second year varsity player and returning starter. She is 6'1" and one of the best all around athletes in the state. She made a name for herself last year as a sophomore and was voted Seattle Times player of the year for her grade. She is a tremendous rebounder, defender, passer, and scorer. We will look to her for leadership this year as one of our team captains. We continue to expect big things from Ali Forde.
Career Statistics
Alexx, more commonly known as Ali, was born on the glorious day of May 19, 1994 in Bellevue, Washington. Her family includes big brother Maxx, mom Tracey, dad Brian and Spike the dog. Her favorite place to eat is the Outback Steak House where she orders the Mac a Roo and Cheese. Ali would rather have frozen grapes with Nutella, cream cheese or whip cream than eat candy. Ali also enjoys playing volleyball and running track. Ali enjoys singing or dancing to just about any type of music such as country, some rock, hip hop and techno.
Ali has been playing basketball since she was five. Her personal goal this year can be summed up in one word “STATE”. Her favorite drill at practice is the five minutes of fast. Ali says dedication and hard work make a great basketball player. You need blood, sweat, tears and the desire to be better than everyone when you step on the court. Ali would like to play her Dad in a one-on-one game because he keeps saying he would kill her when he can’t even dribble. Sounds like it’d be a funny game to watch. Ali is still keeping her college options open.
Ali's favorite thing to do with friends is random spontaneous acts of fun, especially since she likes to describe herself as spontaneous. Ali’s favorite high school memory is Melissa Gilkey. If Ali’s bedroom was made into a national monument it would be called “National Monument of Squeaky Cleanness” because her room is so clean that she now just uses it as a closet. Ali says she would like to be on Real Life of Ryan because it’s not too drama filled and HE IS HOT! Plus he takes his shirt off a lot. Friends of Ali would probably say that her best quality is her God-given singing ability.